Com.webos.service.filecache documentation error?


Hello! I'm messing around with the filecache service, and I'm noticing an undocumented error return:

# luna-send -n 1 luna://com.webos.service.filecache/InsertCacheObject '{"typeName":"test","fileName":"test.txt","size":1024}'
{"errorCode":-200,"errorText":"InsertCacheObject: No type 'test' defined.","returnValue":false}

Clearly, from that error message, I need to call DefineType first. However, the documentation for DefineType says:

A DefineType ​method defines a new cache type. This is intended for use by the backup service.

which implies that it is something to be used by the "backup service", which is something that I don't think has been present since legacy webOS.

So, I think the documentation needs to be updated as to how to use DefineType and InsertCacheObject, and the error from InsertCacheObject should be added.