LG WebOS 3.7.0 - How Remote control Energy Saving


I have a LG TV running WebOS 3.7.0 which I would like to be able to remote control Energy Saving (off, low, mid, high, screen off) using my home automation system (Home Assistant running in a Raspberry Pi3).
Can someone give me some hints how to achieve this?


Hi :slight_smile: Although I am not sure my answer is enough for you, I think to control your webOS TV (even the other smart TV) remotely, you would better check first which TV API you can use. If the TV manufacturer provides specific APIs to control TV such as energy saving, it would be remotely controlled, but otherwise it would be impossible.
Thank U.


If the Pi has a IR emitter, you could teach it how to open settings, and go there. :slight_smile: I'm not aware of any way to access a setting like that from outside of the settings app, but there may be something.


Hi @Fuim,
There's a project by a developer on GitHub that might give you an idea of what aspects of the OS be manipulated externally. It's basically an external Node project that enables you to remote control a webOS TV.

There's a list of commands but I don't see anything referring to the power saving mode.
The link is included above so have a look yourself and see what you can make of it.


Hi Kaywon,
About the API, I found this site, that may be a start point.


Yes, I have control over IR devices, but unfortunately remote works kind of bluetooth, over 2.4GHz.


Thanks. I will take a look.


For webos ose, the architecture is here: Architecture
The AI component should be able to recognize the display components in the Architecture, (based on the component hierarchy) so that it can make changes to the properties of the display components. You could see if there is a program that exists or one you can create to call directly from the properties of the display components and make changes via prompts used in google assistant. From there you would need to build and test but it is definitely possible with webos ose.