Pre-built images available


In my own experience, using a prebuilt image (one of the popular ones) was a waste of time. In the end I found that there was a ton of wasted space with files settings needed work and the ROMs included were from random sources and largely untested. I ended up removing everything and doing it properly myself. [color=#333333]snaptube[/color] [color=#333333]TubeMate[/color] [color=#333333]Test Dpc[/color]


Hi @Gopaldas

This thread is redundant. There's another one with the same subject which has more community exposure.
I recommend that a search be done before posting and if found, appending to the relevant thread without duplicating.

If you believe your pre-built image is superior, wouldn't it be beneficial to everyone if you shared a link through which others can access it as well?