UI difference in webOS OSE and webOS TV


Compared to the regular TV version of webOS, the Open Source Edition has a stripped down version of the UI.
Is there a specific reason for this?

Would love to know if there's a specific repo that would enable to add a custom interface.


Hi n-jay,

the reason for removing TV UI from the webOS OSE is that we think that it is too much TV oriented UI and maintaining production level UI/UX for open source project was much work for us at the moment of making that decision.

and ofc, you can freely develop and add custom interface.

Thank you much.



I'm still pretty new to webOS and developing on Operating Systems in general so please excuse me if this next question sounds stupid;
but is there any particular repository on the webOS OSE github repos that should be given attention to when creating a new launcher UI?


I think that you can see


Thanks for that, will check it out! :slight_smile: