Audio on HeadPhone Not Working!

When I play any video on the youtube app, I get audio from the built in speakers on the connected LED panel, But when I insert Headphone into audio jack of my pi board, the audio still runs on the built in speakers. I need to run audio on my headphones. How can I do that.

I tried to change the media scenario, first I checked the current media scenario using following luna-send

luna-send -n 1 -f luna:// '{}'

It returned following values.

"scenario": "media_back_speaker",
"returnValue": true

They I tried to change the scenario, using following luna-send

luna-send -n 1 -f luna:// '{"scenario":"media__default"}'

but it throws an error

"errorCode": 3,
"returnValue": false,
"errorText": "Invalid 'scenario' string parameter value or file not found."

Any solutions !

I didn't test it using headphone but I will see it soon. Thanks for your report.

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I checked our media team and current we don't support headphone.
If you would like to use headphone, you need to change source code and then compile again.

In, please change below



Thanks for your help, I shall recompile the source code and get back with results !