Error in transmitting tar.gz file to OS through ares-push

I want to push tar.gz file to os, but error occure, why?

ares-push D:\virbox\vm\gcc-10.1.0.tar.gz /test
sh: can't create /test/gcc-10.1.0.tar.gz: Permission denied
ares-push ERR! ares-push: Error: Command '/bin/cat > "/test/gcc-10.1.0.tar.gz"' exited with code=1 (signal: undefined)

I tested on my dev environment. It worked well.

Could you try after adding the target device option "-d" into your command. If you didn't set the default device, the emulator is set to the default device.

In my case, I set a raspberry pi to the default device.


add) Above is copied from "test.txt" of host PC to "test" of root directory. So, if you want to copy from "test.txt" to target directory, change a command as "ares-push ./test.txt /test/.". - test directory already existed.

If you want to move a file from host to emulator, you can move the file to under "/media/developer/" directory only. Because emulator set as developer account on CLI.

If you want to move a file from host to RPI, you can move the file to existing directory. when you try to move a file to non-exist directory, you will see an error message. So, you have to create directory first, and move a file.