How to Auto Full Screen Live Streaming

Hello Everyone..

Newbie here. I cant get auto full screen when play live streaming file (.m3u8). But Autoplay is working.

Here is html code i used >

"video id="video" width="100%" height="100%" controls"

I tried 1280x1080 too. But still small size. I need to click manual for full screen.

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Hi @suaji,
Might I suggest using a <canvas> tag and using the window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight properties to auto fit the window? So it would essentially autofit any size without the need to hardcode.

Something similar to what's suggested in this video:

You could also put the <video> inside the <canvas> tag and do the needful from there. I don't know if that's how you've arranged the page as the red box had blocked the upper and lower tags.

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Hi bro njay.. Thanks for reply.. I will try it after holiday..

Thanks again ^_^v

No prob @suaji,
please do update this thread on any developments that you make :slight_smile:

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not yet try it bro. Lazy to flash back old image file. I dont know why latest image, cant fit with my TV 720p.

Previous image file can fit my tv using 1366x768. huhu
I tried to 1280x720 also not working.

Hi Admin..

Should i open new thread or stick with this thread?.

I had problem with version #27 (20180925122909).

I cant play live streaming anymore.

I dont know how to get logcat, so i can share here what is the bug.

Here is code is used to play live streaming.
Html Code

Previous version can play m3u8 file.