How to fix these problems?

Sorry but I have a variety of issues with my LG WebOS and I was wondering how to fix it. I have a uj 6300 and os is LG WebOs 4.70.10

  1. Is there any way to set up favorite channels using a computer using my LG account rather than on TV with the remote?

  2. When I switch on my TV, it is always set to live tv and since I have no antenna it makes that annoying hissing sound? How can I set it up so that it go straight to Hulu etc.?

  3. I find no way to cast Youtube directly from laptop to LG TV without using screen cast?

Hi, @martinbaker2727

This is a forum for webOS OSE Developer.
I think this questions are related to webOS TV.
This forum ( is better for asking how to develop TV application.