I get failure in NDK Build

To develop native app

$ git clone https://github.com/webosose/build-webos
$ cd build-webos
$ git checkout -t origin/2.20
$ sudo scripts/prerequisites.sh
$ ./mcf -p 3 -b 3 raspberrypi4-64
$ source oe-init-build-env
$ bitbake -c populate_sdk webos-image
as explained here
I build the NDK.
But finally, I get the following failure error:

Summary: 1 task failed:

The folder is empty.

What should I do to make the build successful?

Sir, What's your whole Build environment?

Many ppl got that problem with virtual machine.


Plus, lastest version of webOSOSE is webOS OSE 2.22.0 NOW.

If you make a new Drive partition, i recommend 500GB or larger.

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PC environment :
OS Linux
core i7 hex core
ram 8GB
ssd 256GB

I think you need additional disk space and RAM.
Building takes more than 300GB of storage, excluding the Ubuntu OS.
And i recommend 32GB of RAM, because it tries to use about 24GB RAM.

If you tried with laptop, plz try with desktop.

And don't forget to upgrade GCC.

Thank you for answer.

Does it fail if I build it on my laptop?

Idk if all laptops fail building but i tested 5 models, all failed. I strongly recommend build with desktop.

Today I tested the build using webOS OSE 2.22.0. The total amount of required disk space is 304GB.

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