LG Content Store missing on my smartv just appears Premium

I have a LG smartv and in the place where you have LG content store is only the "Premium" that is different from the store because I could not install any program. I have seen a smartv like this but had LG content store but this one has not, I would like to know why this and if there is any solution to solve this. thank you

Hi, Kenny

Here is a developer site for webOS OSE not for TV.
Below is way to find right place.

  1. Move to LGE global portal site ( https://www.lg.com/common/index.jsp )
  2. Find country (I don't know where you are. )
  3. Ask your question to community or contact to customer service

For example,
https://lgcommunity.us.com/ <- Here is community of LG USA.