PayPal, WebOS and Chromium in kiosk mode problem

I am developing an app for a smart tv. The app runs as a web page, using HTML, Javascript, etc. The app runs inside a web engine chromium but has no cursors or way to move it or click.

All I have is the remote control. The remote control is works like a keyboard. I present buttons that are boxes and the user moves around the options with the four arrows. To select a button, the user clicks the OK button.

So I basically do this

    window.onload=function() {

      document.addEventListener("keydown", function(inEvent){
        navigateTable(inEvent.keyCode); // navigate to the next button clicked on the remote


This is the problem. I need to implement a page where the user will have in-app purchases.

I am right now trying with Paypal.

I present a page with the PayPal's Pay Now buttons for the diverse payment options. The user selects the desired method with and presses the OK button on the remote. These paypal buttons are in fact <form> s. I detect the OK button being pressed in the remote and trigger the form using


Then, PayPal takes over and shows a confirmation page where the user has to click on the CONTINUE button. The problem is that this page kicks my app out and is expecting a click on the Continue Button. There is no way for the user to click on that button because the browser shows no cursor or no way to click on that button.

There is no documentation showing how to enable that cursor. Like I said, the app is running on chromium engine. Strangely the tv has a browser that is probably based on chromium and has a cursor that is moved by the remote and can click things.

I have tried to add this css to force the cursor to show

    .auto {cursor: auto;}
    .pointer {cursor: pointer;}

with no success.

The TV is a LG and runs WebOS.

I have tried to place the HTML containing the PayPal buttons on an iFrame, so I could place a button that could be clicked at the top but obviously when the PayPal pages loads on the iFrame it takes over and kicks the frame, assuming the whole browser window.

Another way would be launching the TV's browser with the purchase URL but I don't have a clue how to do that.

Is there any solution for that?

Hi @utugau, welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, this forum is for webOS Open Source Edition.
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