Testing web app for build in browser


I am a web developer and I can see that some of my users are using browser in WebOS (installed on LG TV) to access my website. They experience problems with media playback so I would like to debug the issue.

It is, however, quite problematic to do so. I use Mac M1 and have tried running:

  1. WebOS emulator

  2. WebOS in VirtualBox

Emulator is used to test your local apps, but not the built-in browser which comes preinstalled. VirtualBox doesn't really work for M1 chips, I was unable to run WebOS in it.

Are there any other ways to test built-in browser in WebOS 22 which I am missing ?

Hi @vldmr , welcome to the Forum!

According to the webOS TV's documentation, Emulator and VirtualBox is not supported from webOS TV 22. You must use the Simulator.

And this forum is only for webOS Open Source Edition.
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Hi @Nergi,
I know about simulator, it doesn't allow to run builtin browser.

Thanks anyway

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