Using db8 api through luna-send

I can't use db8 api at this url with my raspberrypi.

response message : {"errorCode":-3963,"errorText":"db: permission denied","returnValue":false}

How can I solve this problem?

Please attach your code and any information which could help to solve it.

You probably need to use putPermissions

I call method, "putKind" but it didnt work.
help please

If you don't show us what you're doing, how can we help you?


I checked DB8's API again. These APIs are public APIs.
so, I removed comment about accessing Private API.


this is a sample project to use db8 in web application.
(putKind, putItems, findItems, delKind)

there's nothing there but a library that isn't used

Did you spot the code embedded in the index.html?

lol, no, i did not, my bad. i was looking for a js file.

I am going to stand by my original idea, and suggest that you call putPermission after you call putKind, and before you try to put data to the database

Thanks eric.
It is just sample that shows how to use db8.
So, all codes for using db8 are in the index.html.

I will try to separate JavaScript code from index.html.
And i will change webos.js file.

Also i understand your idea. I will make other sample using putPermission before calling API.

I modified my source.

but putPermission is not used yet in this sample.