Video visualization

Do we have an app development to watch a video that was saved in an LG TV using webos? If there isn't an app do we have a way to see the video in another system or convert the files?

Hi @Emanuel , welcome to the Forum!

Unfortunately, we don't offer a sample app to play the video file.

We don't know what file format is,
but for some format, you can play the file in webOS OSE.

See, com.webos.service.videooutput.

But the way mentioned above is only for webOS Open Source Edition.
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Is that mean a video that recorded on LG Smart TV?

Yes. A video using time machine (app that came on the webOS)

I don't know exactly because I'm don't have much knowledge of TV side. But as for as I know, You can't.

I heard that because of copyright reasons all recordings are encrypted and can only be played on the TV they are recorded.