Web app cannot play video after several times

Currently I'm developing a digital signage app for webos tv devices, yesterday I got into a trouble that caused my video cannot be played on the app. I'm using web app with video html tag and play video from device's storage.

Here is my situation, at first I restarted my webOS TV emulator (v4.0.0) and rerun my app, it worked pretty well with my playlist (including images and videos). But after some video slides (about 5 or 6), the video couldn't be played anymore.

I assume that this is because the media resources are not released after running, but i didn't call the media service directly, my work is just simply put <video src="file:///path/to/media" /> in the web app.

So my question is does the webos system requires us to release media resource manually all the times? Did anyone struggled with this problem before? Is there any solution for this yet?

Many thanks.

Hi @longnguyen2,

Some TV's APIs are different from OSE' s API. (Eventhough the name of API is same.)
You'd better go to the TV forum for this issue.