webOS 2.1.0 open source: Edit Home Button / Bluetooth Button SysUI / com.webos.media Direct use?

Dear all,

first of all i would like to thank LGe for the open source version of webOS and the good tutorials. I compiled some time ago the webOS devel image successful with Yocto bitbake, afterwards I flashed the image as described. The RPI4 is booting well and I'm able to use e.g. YouTube Application. I would like to confirm, if this two recognized behaviors are normal. I started to study the environment and would like to use later for simple Internet Radio.

1. SysUI Edit Home Button has no function
I'm opening the bottom side bar with mouse press and up, then registered apps are shown and left the Edit Home Button, after clicking nothing happens. Is this correct?

2. Top right Bluetooth Button has no function
Bluetooth Roundbutton is shown top right corner, on button clicked nothing happens. Is this correct behavior?

If I use SSH connection to Rpi4 and use luna-send command then I get return values from com.webos.service.bluetooth2.

3. com.webos.media Direct use of com.webos.media by application developers is strongly discouraged.

In the API Summary [https://www.webosose.org/docs/reference/ls2-api/com-webos-media/] is mentioned:

Direct use of com.webos.media by application developers is strongly discouraged.
Instead, the media interfaces native to a particular application framework (e.g. Web, QT,
SDL/NDL) should be used.

  1. Why I shall use Qt (QMediaPlayer) instead? I thought the service is designed for media purpose.

Hi @Shazter1, welcome to the forum!

Q1 & Q2

The answer is Yes.
Currently, those features don't work. Our dev team are working hard to make the features work. Sorry for the confusion.


We delivered your question to the webOS development team. It may take a few days to receive the answer. We'll post the answer as soon as we receive it.

Thank you for the interest in webOS OSE.

Hello @NERGI,

thank you for confirmation. Now I'm sure, that my image build was successful.

Did you received feedback by webOS development team?

Hi @Shazter1,
Sorry for the late reply.

com.webos.media is an API to use a media framework of webOS OSE but some stability issues are reported in webOS OSE 2.0.

webOS dev. team members are now trying to solve the issues and the API will be fully supported in a future release.

Thank you for your patience.

Good to hear. I will check github repro for details. Thanks for your strong support.