webOS OSE 2.1 launcher behaviour

Is it just me? I have built webos-image for RPi4 (latest code webos-build from GitHub), booted the device and got keyboard, mouse, display and network all just fine. But once I have launched an application there seems to be no way to return to the launcher other than by rebooting.

No doubt I could ssh in and launch things from the command line, but I just wanted to check that I am not missing something. A magic key combination perhaps.

Hi @elvispre,

Because webOS OSE is designed for touch devices (since webOS OSE 2.0.0), some UI is similar to that of the touch device.

To return to the Home Launcher, you have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen using your mouse. Swipe up using the mouse as you do on the touch devices (like a smartphone).

  1. Click the bottom side of the screen
  2. Drag up several centimeters
  3. Release

See also, Verifying the webOS OSE Image Guide


That works! Thank you.