Ares-install js-service(templete) error

ares-install js-service(templete) error

Hello,I'm currently using lg-web-os.
but I faced a error in ares-install to emulator.

I show you error situation.

1.I generate js-service app using ares
-ares-generate -t js-service jsapp
2.I package js-service app using ares
-ares-package --pkgid jsapp
3.I install js-service app to emulator(Lg-web-os)
-ares-install --device emulator jsapp_1.0.0_all.ipk

but, I faced a error in step 3.
The contents of the error are as follows.

ares-install ERR! [com.webos.appInstallService failure]: luna-send command failed

I don't know why the error is happening.

I use ubuntu 20.04 version,
ares 2.4.0 version,
node 18.14.2 version,
npm 9.6.0 version

Hi @tioon74, welcome to the forum.

To install the sample JS service, do the followings:

  1. Register your emulator (ares-setup-device).
  2. Create a dummy app.
  3. Create a JS service.
  4. Package the service (step 3) with the app (step 2).
  5. Install the package file (.ipk) to your emulator.

I suggest you to check the followings:

  • Check whether you register your emulator correctly. (Check account, IP, port)
  • Prepare a dummy app (try with ares-generate ).
  • Prepare a JS service (Use -t js_service , not -t js-service)

Thank you for your reply.

I did everything you advice me to do.
but, I faced same luna-send error.
The webapp ipk install well to my emulator,not js_service.
The situation that I faced is as shown in the picture below.

  1. Your packaging command should be as follows:

    ares-package [App Dir] [Service Dir]

    Please check the ares-package section in CLI User Guide.

  2. Where did you get the information about the --pkgid option in ares-package? That option doesn't exist in our official guide. (refer to the link in 1.)

thank you for your reply.
I understand lg web os official guide

I kept all guide.
ares-package (app_name)
but I show error and Tip
This Tip show me that using --pkgid or --pkginfofile

You keep trying to package the service template without a dummy app.

You created a template with the js_service option. This template is a service, not an app. And this service MUST be packaged with a dummy app.

ares-package [App Dir] [Service Dir]

Thank you for your tips.
Thanks to you, I was able to solve the error.

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