Device Administrator privileges on webOS

I'm currently working on creating an EMM(Enterprise Mobile Management) solution for webOS.
It would basically allow for TVs to be enrolled in a server and remotely monitor and manage devices.
I've looked around and didn't find any existing solution for the platform.
Are there any?

Also, does webOS have some sort of Device Administrator privileges for apps similar to Android, which can, of course, be used by an EMM agent?

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Signage might have a feature like that, I'm not sure:

As far as rolling one for yourself, that sounds like an interesting idea. I'm sure you could do it in OSE, but I'm not sure what sort of privileges you would need, if they are available, on LG TVs. That might be a better question to pose specific privileges you're looking for, on the LG TV developer forum.


I came across the signage feature as well but from what I understand that mostly makes webOS displays into kiosks than remotely managed TVs.

As far as privileges go, I've found that the webOSTV.js library provides APIs for apps to control the volume and even launch apps. This is as far as the native methods allow for TV control.
I want to know if the platform allows for more in-depth access to TV functions.
For example, control in areas such as;

  • 1/ Restricted access to certain programs.
  • 2/ Remote deactivation and activation of the TV.
  • 3/ Displaying of Toast notifications

I've also come across the ConnectSDK which allows for vastly more control over TVs than what the platform allows for natively, I was unsure though as to what to go for exactly given the documentation is a hodge-podge of information.

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Hi, have you made any progress in this endeavor? Would love to contribute some time to devising a solution!

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Hi @faethflex,

Currently, I have paused development on the project. There are some educational obligations I'm engaged in right now so my hands are tied, but I intend to continue development as soon as I'm able.
In the meantime, if you are interested I do have a GitHub repo with my most recent contributions. You can find it here.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me. :slight_smile:

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