Restarting TV from web app

For personal use I would like to be able to restart my own TV via a web application. So far I'm able to send out service requests via the LS2 API (LS2 API Index | webOS Open Source Edition) and by changing the Dev Mode setting from on to off and the other around. This causes a reboot but also makes it impossible to open up my own applications anymore if I change the setting to off. Quickly enabling the dev mode after turning it off doesn't seem to work.

Are there other options to do this? The power/sleep calls are not available or I get a permission denied.

Hi @la_fusion, welcome to the Forum!

Unfortunately, this forum only for webOS Open Source Edition.
For webOS TV, please visit the TV Forum.


Hi , I understand your problem . I have searched your query on google to find some answer to you. Where I can get some answer which will I share you in this forum.

Firstly you have to uninstall the apps and install again and try again restart tv from web apps.

Hi @NERGI thank you for your reply, I was afraid for this already but was hoping that within this part someone could help me out as well. Mainly because I've had more help from the OSE documentation then from the TV documentation.

Will have a look over there :slight_smile:

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