Devops Workflow

Hello All,
First of all, apologize if it's not the right place to ask the question. The question is regarding DevOps. What is the typical workflow for DevOps that you use for for your organization.?
Is DevOps giving any benefit to your business?
Need Honest suggestions

Below i'm mentioning the business benefits and the value that DevOps has:-

  1. DevOps helps to ensure fast and timely delivery time. Also, it improves the Return on investment of the business. Basically devOps is the application that is made on Agile principles and also the end results of it is more fast and developed than before and also ensure more frequent delivery of projects.
  2. It improves the involvement and collaboration between the teams in the organisation. The team of development needs to break in between the inter departmental level, It improves the transparency that is needed for the effective decision.
  3. Development team is needed to break the internal departmental communication.
  4. DevOps is a way by which business agility is improved. With the help of DevOps one can create the encouraging environment for their employees as well as the whole organisation.
  5. The boundaries those are set on the basis of DevOps gives quality and timely deliveries.