DRM content on WebOS

Is it possible to show DRM content on WebOS?

When I try to open a video (e.g. from Netflix) the browser ask me to install Widevine and configure the plugin.

For me it seems there is no Widevine for WebOS.

Is it right?

Hi @kornel, welcome to the forum!

To answer your question, we need to know about your platform (such as webOS OSE, webOS TV, etc.).



Thank you for your answer. As a software developer I would like to know if I can play DRM content on WebOS OSE browser. We need to create a Javascript app, so my question is related to the WebOS OSE browser.

Thanks in advance,

Due to security & license reasons, DRM is prohibited from using open source platforms. If you want to use DRM in webOS OSE, you must contact the company related to the DRM you want to use.

Internally, our dev. team verified the working of Widevine DRM and Playready DRM in webOS OSE.


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