How can I run Nuxt (SSR) project in webos TV?

Hi guys,

This is my first webos development. I haven't come across a similar question before in forum.

I have a web application that I have made with NuxtJS and it is running as ssr (server side rendering). I want to migrate this project to webOS environment. Is this possible?

When I run my project with the "npm run start" command, the application is running at "localhost:3000". Is there a way I can run these "npm" commands or run a nuxt project?

Thank you for your support in advance

Hi @emrecandurmus , welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, this forum only for webOS Open Source Edition.
For webOS TV, please visit the TV Forum.

But to the best of my knowledge,
if the nuxt project is installed as a node module based on npm, the project might can be installed (on the host PC) as a directory under the node_modules directory.
Then you can package the directory and install it to the target device using webOS OSE's CLI (This CLI is only for webOS OSE. In your case, you must use the CLI of TV.)

This method only valids when the node module is based on JavaScript.


Thanks for reply @NERGI :love_you_gesture:t2:

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