How can I make webos apps?

I want to make apps which ran at webos. I successfully ran webos but I can't find any command line or editor. If I successfully programmed web apps, then how can I make it run at webos?

Hi @chlee,

In Tutorial page, you can see detailed instruction for how to make and test webs & services on webOS OSE.


+ p.s.) You can use command line interface via ssh connection from your host machine. (like PuTTY)

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Hi, @chlee
You can package your web app and install web app to target device using CLI (Command Line Interface) tool (SDK).

Download Full Package Installer and install SDK components.
Open webOS TV CLI and create a new app with the ares-generate command. ...
Type in app id, title, and version. ...
Package the app in the first_app directory with the ares-package command. ...
Run the webOS TV Emulator.[url=].[/url][url=].[/url]