How to find the all timezones list in webos (smart tv)

I want to ask that I am using this code and luna api in webos to fetch the timezones list

var req = webOS.service.request("luna://com.palm.systemservice", {
method: "time/getSystemTimezoneFile",
parameters: { "subscribe": false },
onSuccess: function (inResponse) {
console.log("Result of all apis: " + JSON.stringify(inResponse));
// To-Do something
onFailure: function (inError) {
console.log("Failed to get system time information");
console.log("[" + inError.errorCode + "]: " + inError.errorText);
// To-Do something

This gives me response


Here I am getting the timeZoneFile path "/var/luna/preferences/localtime"
so where to find this path.

Hi @shivamkumar91 , welcome to the forum!

webOS TV's Luna API might be different from webOS OSE's API.
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