Suscribe to service


I'm trying to prevent the tv to go into sleep mode while on my app, to no avail.
here is the doc I'm trying to understand :

I've tried several way of communicating but nothing worked. Here is my code:

	var Service = require('webos-service');
	var service = new Service("com.lge.test"); 
	var sub2 = service.subscribe("luna://com.webos.service.power/suspend/identify", {"subscribe": true}); 
	sub2.on("response", function(message) { 
		// this is never called
	var sub = service.subscribe("luna://com.webos.service.power/suspend/suspendRequestRegister", {"subscribe": true}); 
	sub.on("suspendRequest", function(message) { 
		document.getElementById('txt').innerHTML = 's4';
                    // this is never called


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