How to shutdown?

Hi there, I was wondering how can I shutdown the raspberryPi… Is it safe to just cut the power off? Maybe there is already a better way I couldn’t find? Thanks!

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I’ve just been yanking the power cord out, but if you want a more proper way you can SSH into the Raspberry Pi and type “poweroff” in the terminal.


Sorry. There is no power off button in the UX.

Better question: will ‘yanking the cord’ cause problems? I.e. for LibreElec it’s no problem to just unplug it, but for Raspbian you can cause corruption if you don’t shutdown properly.

Been doing it for 2 days in a row, no problem noticed so far

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I think yanking the power cord doesn't do much harm.
I've worked on the Android Things platform as well and even on that there isn't any way to "shutdown" using the UI.