Should it work on the Pi 3+

I’ve tried one of the builds from the WebOS Raspberry ISO thread on a new Raspberry Pi 3+ and all I get is a pulsing red LED on the board.
Anyone have an idea what might need changing to accommodate the differences between to Pi3 & 3+?..

I have some build questions as well, but I’ll post them seperately.


I didn’t try to test on new raspberrypi 3+. I bought it and it’s shipping now. So I will try to test it.

I saw the specification of new raspberrypi 3+ but it may work. :frowning:

I got some comments from @martin and we need to apply to support the new raspberrypi3+.

However, it’s not compatible with current webOS OSE.

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Ah, I see. I guess it would take some time to be supported if it requires a kernel/firmware/overlay update…
I’ve actually ordered a standard Pi3 also for getting WebOS running now.

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