Is it possible to control GPIO pins via Node.js in WebOS

I am trying to integrate some sensors to raspberry pi 3 with Web OS ose.

Is there anybody have an experience to use GPIO in web os environment?

I am going to use temp sensor via i2c and some digital pin input with npm rpi-gpio and i2c-gpio but I am not sure these are works in webos env.

I haven't done this, but you should be able to build a service using GPIO by following something similar to what was said here: GPIO interface

Hi, @Ji12345

webosce is one of fork project based on webOS OSE. This project has a component to use gpio as a service. You can refer this component.

I'm trying to use rpi-gpio npm module, but it is dependent on native module - epoll. The native module should be built using the webOS OSE toolchain. I tried that but I haven't verified yet.

yeah it should be really easy to add a recipe to the system build to build the native module for you

(is 'webosce' an official thing? is that where i should be submitting bug reports and pull requests? i'm so confused :smiley: )

Thank you Nicolas!
I am going to try it for my project and share the result in this forum.

it is unofficial. it's just one of fork project.
official repo. is

if you have bug reports and PR, you should be submitting them to official repo.

i was wondering, because there's been pull reqs in several of the OSE repos for 5+ months