Is there any booting issue related to HDMI connection?

Is there any booting issues related to HDMI connection?
I encountered some problems during booting webOS.
When I try to boot webOS without HDMI connection to display device, some deamons weren't launched and tried to restart infinitely. I attach /var/log/messages screenshot below:

I think that The daemons causing the problem are as follows:

  • surface-manager.service
  • webapp-mgr.service

They was trying to relaunch itself but failed.
Because of this situation, I couldn't launch other services like

However, if boot webOS with HDMI connection to the display device, this situation didn't happen.
those two deamons successfully launched without any problems. After then normally launched.

I avoid this problem by just comments the one statement in /etc/systemd/system/surface-manager.service and webapp-mgr.service

However, I think that this way could cause other problems.

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You are correct. When we boot without HDMI, the surface-manager will get crashed due to DRM issue.