Problems with playing videos continuously

I'm running webos on raspberry pi. I encountered problem with html video playback, when several videos play one after another system seems to freeze - screen goes black and browser debugger connection is lost, only device restart helps.

I'm loading videos using Media source extensions api, like described here:

Here's a minimal html example that plays two videos in a loop one after another:
So on desktop this plays fine for hours. On webos it plays several loops (anywhere between 5 - 30 minutes) and then either device freezes or it restarts, and there's no way to debug because browser inspector connection is lost. What could be the reason for this?

My first thought would be that probably something bad is happening to WebAppManager. I'd probably open a couple of shells on the device via ssh, and monitor the system log (isn't it /var/log ? it's been more than a few months since i've debugged a webOS system) as well as memory usage . . .

Facing same type of problem

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Same as , any solution let'me know, thanks