LG 32LJ573D-TA WI-FI Turned Off [WebOs Smart TV]

Hello ...I am using LG webos smart TV
Model :LG 32lj573d-ta
I did update latest version 5.80.25
After update WIFI turned off still doesn't turned on and also wifi direct also same position.all internet things off.
Then I tried firmware downgrade but I can found old version firmware..and I can't manual update with internet .how can solve this problem please help me![IMG_20191014_230106628|375x500](upload://jVk0Oe9D


Hi! It is webos open source edition community forum =) (there are a lot of differences between your TV WebOS and WebosOSE for RPI). In your case I advice you to make reset to initial settings, also you can turn off your tv and plug out power after that wait in 15 minutes. Turn on your tv and try to make settings. If it does not help you please call to your TV service

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