No way to turn off bluetooth on LG tv with WebOS

I have a LG 49UJ670V (european namingscheme, it's the 2017 49 inch 4k model) with the latest WebOS installed.

I was searching for bluetooth devices on my w10 laptop and I saw my tv pop up. I didnt even know i had bluetooth on my tv. Then I looked for the bluetooth option on the TV but appearantly there is non. I thought maybe they called it differently but no. There is simply no way to turn off bluetooth on this version of WebOS. I contacted LG support and they confirmed this.

I don't like to be discoverable for all to see (I live in a apartment complex) with just a simple pin to pair devices. Also this could potentially mean location tracking and device tracking by LG for all my devices which would irritate me even more.

I'm looking for suggestions to take further action or a workaround to turn off bluetooth.

Hi, I think the issue is related with TV specific and if you have any queries with webOS open source edition and development issue, I think we can share and discuss here. I appreciate your understanding in advance. :slight_smile:

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as Kaywon mentioned, this is not a TV forum, but I believe that if you have your magic remote paired to it, it will stop advertising itself. I'm not 100% positive on that, as my model doesn't have built in Bluetooth, and is a couple years older than yours.