SCAP service does not exists

I am developing an app with JS Service. I have used fileIOService and it's working fine. But when I try to add SCAP library, and created a service, it's showing an error that the service does not exists. Here is the piece of code I am working on:

var Service = require('webos-service');
var service = new Service('');
var servicescap = new Service('');
var Configuration = require('./scap_on_JSservice/configuration_soj.js');
var configuration = new Configuration(servicescap);

service.register("Configuration/getCurrentTime", function (message) {
configuration.getCurrentTime (
function (cbObject) {
message.respond ({returnValue: true, returnData: cbObject});
function (cbObject) {
message.respond ({returnValue: false, errorCode: cbObject.errorCode, errorText: cbObject.errorText});

It's showing following error when I call getCurrentTime() function:
"returnValue": false,
"errorCode": -1,
"errorText": "Service does not exist:"

Hi gaurav,
Are you trying to use the SCAP service on webOS OSE?
The SCAP service depends on webOS Signage products and is not supported on webOS OSE.

Best Regards,

I am using it for Signage product. Creating an app in node+html+angular.

Hi gaurav,
This is the webOS Open Source Edition site.
If you want to get a support for webOS Signage product, I recommend that you visit the webOS Signage developer site.