Top Reasons Why Should Learn Linux


We are living in a technology era where new technologies and tools emerge every day. To match with the market competition, the existing tools are providing constant updates as well to make sure they are meeting the current market trends.

So in this article, we will be focusing on why Linux is the best platform to shift your career or start your career. Also, the reasons are also discussed why Linux should be preferred vs other proprietary software, like Windows and Mac.

The following points will help the individual to understand the main reasons or advantages of using this platform compared to others and also evaluates how beneficial this would be for an individual’s career.

If we analyze the utilization trend of Linux then it can be classified as a platform usually for the servers and was not compatible with the single users, i.e. on desktops for personal use. But nowadays, the Linux platform has gone through several iterations of UI modifications and it is now suitable for personal use as well i.e. Desktops. It is being used by many individuals across the globe without any issues.

So let’s understand and know what are the Top 10 Reasons why you should Learn Linux:

Reason 1: High Security:

Installing Linux on your PC is a simple task and it protects your system from harmful viruses and malware. The main important aspect of these type of platforms is “Security” and while building Linux platform it was taken into consideration. It is more stable when compared to the Windows platform.

So if you have installed any third party programs on your device, then there is a possibility that the program can alter your system settings and change the configuration settings, thus leading into unnecessary viruses and malware.

Also to tighten up the security layer, it is advisable to add ClamAV antivirus software to the Linux platform where it will be helpful to maintain high-security standards.
Also, Linux is being Open Source, i.e. the source code is available and most of the enthusiasts have already gone through it completely and all the flaws would have been identified already.

As this is open source, it is free of cost and the users don’t have to pay a single penny in terms of software licensing cost. All it needs a computer where you can access it and further install the software.

Reason 2: High Stability:

The Linux platform is known for its stability and the users don’t experience frequent crashes. The speed doesn’t deteriorate as the time goes on. The processing speed will be exactly the same at the time of installation and the speed will be the same after several years of usage. Unlike, in Windows platform, the processing speed deteriorates as the time goes on. So the only option that is left over is to reinstall the OS and all other software.

The uptime for the Linux servers is very high when compared to the windows servers. For every patch or an update, windows server needs a reboot but Linux servers don’t need this at all. The Linux based web servers are widely used because of this nature and it is considered to be the highest number of servers running on the internet.

Reason 3: Ease of Maintenance:

For every software update, the Linux platform can be easily dealt with as this doesn’t need a reboot also it has a central software repository which is capable of installing the software and keep it safe. Unlike, the windows platform for every update the hardware changes or it can support to an extent. So, the maintenance aspect is less for Linux users and also there is no extra cost associated with this.

So this is user-friendly for students and new learners where it doesn’t need a hi-fi system to start with. The scope for learning on this is more because they are a lot of resources that are available for the same.

Reason 4: Runs on any Hardware:

With a new release of Windows OS, the hardware becomes obsolete and the technical specifications are no longer match with the software updates. So to get optimum usage of the updates, it is mandatory to incorporate the latest hardware. It is completely different when it comes to Linux platform where it is capable of utilizing its own resources in best possible manner.

The installation process is very easy and also any type of users can opt for the different modules that Linux has to offer and go with the installation process. It is not mandatory for the users to use the latest hardware configurations, Linux can even run on old hardware configuration systems as well. Thus making it is affordable to learn for students and new enthusiasts.

Reason 5: It is Free:

Linux is completely free and users do not have to pay for anything. All the software necessities are fulfilled for a regular user and also for an advanced user as well. For practical usage of the software, a lot of free education books are available for free of cost.

As this is completely free, businesses can make use of this software and can get reduce their IT costs by effectively utilizing them.

It is best for the student community to get started and make optimum use of the same. This is definitely the best platform for the individuals to learn from scratch.

Reason 6: Open Source:

The Linux software come under FOSS category. (i.e. Free and Open Source Software). Also, the code is universally available for all the users if they wish to develop anything new using the platform.

If the software is proprietary then there is no question of code availability and also users will not be able to get hands on the code. A lot of different versions of Linux is already built by different countries, some of the applications it caters to are Defence, communications etc.

For individuals who are looking for a career change or building a career in cybersecurity then Linux is considered to be one of the best platforms to start with. Building cyber security applications is very easy on this platform. Also to a matter of Fact, India has their own Linux version called BOSS ( Bharat Operating System Solutions).

The next wave of the craze is towards hacking, cyber security applications, artificial intelligence. All of these platforms can be achieved by using Linux software. So spending time and getting trained on this platform will definitely help you to crack next big break for yourself.

Reason 7: Ease of Use and Flexibility:

Initially, when Linux was available in the market, it has gained a popularity that this software is only for Geeks, but during last few years the enthusiast came up with a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). With this user-friendly GUI, most of the users have started adopting this software.

Just in case if you have already been using Windows previously, do not worry. All you need to do is to install wine ( i.e. Windows Emulator). Using this emulator you will be able to run all the applications on Linux without any issues.

If you are into developing video games then Linux also supports this wing as well. If you need to install a game which requires windows platform then all you need to do is “ PlayonLinux” application and you can start playing games on the Linux machine as well.

The barrier of having a windows only machine is no more and everyone has started adopting Linux based computers.

Reason 8: Customization:

The Linux software is known for its customization. The operating system offers a wide range of options and a command line interface. Using this command line interface, a lot of powerful application can be executed and a lot of tasks can be automated where the routine maintenance work is executed via an automation process.

Reason 9: Education and Support:

This is definitely a good option for the students to learn and understand the basics of an operating system and further build solutions using the same platform by addressing local issues.

A lot of support is available online and training videos are available where they can get trained for free of costs. All of the questions can be answered via support forms where most of the users are active.

If you are not a programmer can also contribute something to the Linux community by testing or by involving in documentation process etc.

This tool can be widely used in college and schools where the management doesn’t have to pay any license fee for using this.

Reason 10: Community support:

The best part of the Linux community is that it is a lot of help available online and most of the time they nurture the young talent by providing necessary help.

If you are using this at your organization then you can avail a premium support service from Redhat.

The above are few reasons why Linux software has got wide popularity within the software market. This is definitely a good aspect to it because it is freely available for the individual and also a lot of online help is also available.

Current market Salary trends for Linux Software :

There is a lot of scopes when it comes to Linux software because it is open source and there is no set requirement to fulfill a particular task or a requirement. The code is universally available and one can adapt and make the necessary changes. There a lot of opportunities that are available for freshers in the market. It is flexible for freshers and newbies to understand the available material and video tutorials online.

The current salary trends for individuals range from $25,000 to $125,000. The salary range will depend upon the location, number of years experience and type of the organization that you are going to work on. The salary is not at all a constraint for individuals who have contributed a lot to the field of Linux.

It is also helpful for the individuals to take up certain certifications so that they can showcase their talent in the market, few of the certifications are as follows:

  • Red Hat Certification Linux Administrators
  • Linux Professional Institute Certification
  • GCUX: GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator

Well, these are few certifications will definitely help you to grow as an experienced profile. If you are still not able to give it a start or need to understand a bit more in detail then getting in touch with the LPI ( Linux Professional Institute) will be an option. The LPI is a nonprofit organization which has helped a lot of individuals to gain and explores knowledge on Linux.