Possibility of a future x86 binary?

Long-time fan of WebOS, so very excited to see this open-source project come online!

Obviously it’s still early days, but what are the chances of seeing an x86-compatible version being developed someday? There’s never been a better time for open-source options for desktop platforms, since the largest barrier of entry to growing a user base (an app ecosystem) is becoming largely irrelevant thanks to web apps and services.

I’m assuming the answer at the moment is probably “maybe/who knows”, but I figured since it wasn’t posted already, it would be fun to talk around.

We have plan to support qemux86 and please see it in Qemux86 image?

I tried to port webOS in intel minnowboard and Intel desktop in personal. It’s not difficult to see home UI and launch apps. The problem was multimedia HW acceleration and I didn’t it. I used meta-intel layer at that time.


Very cool! I will be following along excitedly, best of luck on it!

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