Updating Blog to match Feature Releases

Today I noticed that the banner slideshow in the webOS OSE website has been updated to show the following image:

It should be noted that I only noticed it today and it might have been up for much longer.
Since this shows the dev team is being faithful to the initially declared roadmap wouldn't it be ideal if these features can be explored further using blog posts?

For example, I noted features such as the AI Assistant Service has been initiated about a month back in a GitHub repo, and was waiting for some additional information but to no avail.
At the time of writing the blog tab in the OSE site hasn't been updated since the IoTivity related post some time ago.

If there was any method for even the community to write blog posts(under the scrutiny of the maintainer team) and publish on the OSE site it would be great!
Writing posts will be helpful for both newcomers and older members alike since it allows everyone to keep updated on new features.


Dear n-jay,
Thank you for your suggestion.

We are preparing the release note for the webOS 1.0 features and talking to developers for it. We are going to publish it soon.
We will also take a positive look at your suggestion.

Best Regards,