Roadmap of WebOS OSE

I’m glad to see WebOS is open-source now, and give us a chance to contribute to such an awesome operating system.

Do you have a roadmap of WebOS OSE? Such as the developing plan in 1-2 years. How much would you rely on community, especially individual contributor?

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Actually we are working on the roadmap of webOS OSE and it will be uploaded shortly. One of main reason of making it open source is to create webOS open source community that collaborates with all together to enhance the platform. Thus, participation of individual contributor is very important and encouraged.

Thanks a lot for your interests on webOS.


Hopefully somewhere on this roadmap includes support for x86 platforms! WebOS could make a great competitive option for something like ChromeOS or Linux. It used to be a huge barrier of entry for a competing OS platform that it did not have access to the vast ecosystem of software that Windows had. Now that people use the browser for most tasks, this is much less the case.

As part of the roadmap, it would be great if you could include how this will relate to LG TVs. An open source OS is great, but if it isn't going to be the primary core of what is in LG TVs, it will have a tough time gaining traction for other uses. A great example is the WebKit version of LG TVs vs the OSE version. If I'm going to try and create apps based on Enact and the tech level present in the OSE, but the LG TV version will be stuck a few generations back and not truly compatible, why would I create apps for OSE?
Some guidance on that portion of LG's roadmap would help get the community more involved in this effort since they could target a whole existing market as well as new market.

Thank you much for your suggestion.
We are planning to release x86 support QEMU emulator by June (subject to change).


The roadmap of webOS OSE has been recently released. Please have a look.

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I want to know the full version of chromium, similar to

I'm curious to see the progress of the roadmap. Anywhere to check up on the updates regarding it?

July deliverables seem to have been completed. I.e. Qemux86 support and memory manager. I haven't seen much of the August ones yet.

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We are preparing for next release. Please wait for our release. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interesting.

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