View log through journald, why could not see the log about application, I only see the log about biOS and cpu?

I could not see the log about application

through journald,

Dear @gengxiaoquan

Please read journald page.
I think below page may be helpful.


oh thank you , I have another question to ask, I filter the log about crash through journalctl. I also find rdxd api in LS2 API, Can I use it to generate crash reports?Where are the generated reports?In addition, I see .log file in previous log packs, can I generate the .log file of today?Looking forward to your reply

You can find a generated log file under the "/var/log/" directory. As far as I found, you can set a logging period in /etc/logrotate.conf or /etc/logrotate.d. But I don't know exactly. :slight_smile:

thank you for your answer . Do you know the previous logs?Is it generated automatically or need some commands?Is it generated every day?