Vulnerable software (but not WebOS)

Please forgive me, but I'm being forthright about this question having nothing at all to do with WebOS. I've been on the phone for a long time trying to figure out how to contact or at least get a message to the developers of LG OnScreen Control app for monitors, like the 27UL850. So far, no luck. It's a black hole.

I'm simply trying to ask them to consider using a newer version of log4net.dll in their app that isn't vulnerable to CVE-2018-1285. They are currently using a very old version ( and it's signed by LG, so I can't simply swap it out with a newer compatible dll. It doesn't work.

Sorry again for being off-topic. If anyone can direct me to the right place, I would appreciate it.

Hi, @cherron

We also don't know who the right person to your problem...

How about try the below websites: