WebOS Raspberry ISO

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Would you please put an ISO of the Raspberry pi 3 build on the website? Just burning it to SD with Ruphes or some other USB burn tool would be very nice :slight_smile:
I would love tot test it…

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Hi @dickydick666
We don’t have plan to provide built image on website yet. However you can use image in https://github.com/webosose/build-webos/issues/1. It’s from individual developer.

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Hi @dickydick666
This is rpi-sdimg. Use this instruction to flashing the image on raspberry pi 3

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So exciting! What’s the verdict on WebOS performance in Pi 3? Does ‘everything’ work?

You can download my build here and test it if you like.

AWS is charging too much so I have moved to github.


@JHFoo Yes, I launched all avalible apps and all works fine :grinning: It is necessary to develop additional software to RPI 3

Do you know if a web app were to be developed what level of HTML5 compatibility is there? Waiting for my Pi 3 to arrive.

@JHFoo It has Chromium 53 on board, so it should support the Chromium 53 features, which means it doesn’t support all new HTML5 features. For example Polymer apps might not have full support.

Thanks! Can we have the Pi images in a faster location in future? Currently download time is 1hr.

Hi, it shouldn’t take that long - where are you located?
FYI - This is my personal account so every download is costing me money.

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Dallas. If you are charged for traffic you may want to consider an alternative site.

Try this link and let me know if it is better. :space_invader:


Thanks. Able to download!

webOS_OSE_raspberrypi3.img ?can run in win7 --virtualbox???

Yes, you may do this. In first you have to Setup rpi emulator how to setup rpi emulator, after use oficial instruction to flash it. You may find another, more better way to resolve your issue