WebOS image failed on Raspberry Pi 3

I tried a few of the images from http://build.webos-ports.org/webosose/raspberrypi3/
They just result in the multi-colored square followed by a black screen. My TV then reads no input from the Raspberry Pi.

The image file extension is [.rpi-sdimg] and I flashed it to my SD card with Win32DiskImager.

Does anyone know how I can get the these pre-built images to work on my Raspberry Pi 3?

I am trying to convert all of my Aunt's regular TVs into smart TVs using Raspberry Pis and your help would be much appreciated.

Could you provide the model number of Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi 3) that you are using? Which model is it among the following: RPi 3 Model B, Model B+, or more recent Model A+?

Knowing the specific model would help the peers track down the cause of such issue.

I would like to know it also

WebOS ended up working but it would only work on my computer monitor not on my smart TV. I used a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B V1.2

It is fine I have since decided to fix my problem by buying a $30 Roku player instead. It would have been nice if the WebOS 1.0 or what ever it was had the APP center so that you could get the same experience as from the smart TV through a rasbperry pi