Are there any good webOS OSE app development tutorials out there?

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if there is a tutorial out there that can help me get started with webOS OSE app development. I have experience in Java, C/C++, and Python. I haven't dabbled in JS or Enact before.

I want to know the first steps of how to develop an app, or have a sample project to follow to make an app.

I have already went through the Enact tutorial, but I want to go a bit more in-depth than that.


hmm. There's not a whole lot of information here on this site, beyond how to package/deploy..

Outside of the package/deploy steps, however, a webOS app is simply.. a web app. At least, until you start involving using device services, or creating your own services to use. You don't have to use Enact, although Enact (along with React, which it is an add-on for) is, IMO, a great tool to use.

Perhaps you could start with some specific questions that you might have, and we could put something together from there?


I recommend that you read all categories in


That could definitely help, but I'm also curious if there's some specific questions that answering would help people get started easier. :slight_smile:

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setting application ( can be one of examples and I will request enact app guide for begineers to relavent team.


How about starting with making web apps (not specifically for webOS), since you said that a webOS app is basically a web app?

If that is the case, then I'll see what I can find in the area of beginning web apps.

Just an idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much, I'll brush up on the architecture and the settings app!

Just follow the documentation on the LG webOS TV developer portal. All you basically need to get something up and running is an HTML file, the .JSON file with app metadata and the CLI tool to package the whole thing and deploy on an emulator or TV.

If it comes to using TV related APIs, just add the webOS JS library to the folder and include the implementation in JavaScript just as the doc explains.

Enact and Enyo(the earlier tool used for app development) is just stuff that helps you out to make the whole thing smoother.


@kjhodge if you do have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always interested in doing what I can to help people get off the ground, expand webOS :slight_smile: i just am not very good at anticipating what is helpful :expressionless:


@ericblade I determined that the first step that I need to take to get started is to get a RPi 3B and put webOS on it. Done!

Then, I messed around with the files and looked for things that I can tinker with. So far, I changed the background on the Bare app by changing the img.jpg file. Simple enough. If my skills get up to snuff, then I may make an app that lets you change the background.

I also found that it would be great if I knew javascript. So that's what I am doing, brushing up on javascript. I am also looking at the documentation for webOS to help me understand what I am working with.

More updates later on!

@kjhodge, that's pretty cool! :smiley:
btw if its webapp development you are after, you actually don't even need to go through with flashing webOS onto an RPi.

If you head over to the webOS TV developer site you could get the SDK that comes with the TV emulators that run on VBox. All the tools you ever need come bundled in that kit.
You can either use the Ares CLI tool or the Eclipse based IDE to create, package and deploy the app onto either an emulator or even an actual TV on the same network! :slight_smile:

You could also use the recently released QEMU emulator, but unfortunately I haven't used that to comment on it. :sweat_smile:

I suggest looking into ES2015, that's the latest iteration of JS. It has a ton more features than ES5(the last iteration and mostly used one) and is generally more mature. I'm also still going through some syntax changes in ES2015 and having bit of a hard time since it's sort of like relearning the language over again. If you're new the JS as a whole it could be vastly easier for you and learning ES2015 will open up whole other avenues like React Native development.

Hope this comes handy. This is basically the stuff I wished someone told me when I started out :sweat_smile:

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