Easy deployment of new Web App

Hi, Maybe I’ve missed something. So far, I have read that I can deploy a new App via SSH to a target, or include the new App in a new build.
Having gone through the whole build process yesterday, on a 4-core AMD machine, which was fraught to say the least, the second option is out of the question. The 1st option is OK for testing, but what about distribution? This is supposed to be an ‘open’ system, yet there is no suggestion (that I can find) regarding the easy installation of an App by a third party.
Until there is, I will not be developing for webos OSE. Any thoughts, anyone?

I can’t understand about your post. Do you want distribution channel like a app store?
if yes, webos ose currently not provide it.

if you want to use webos ose as a platformer, you can configure your own content distribution system by development. I want someone to contribute to that part. :slight_smile:

All backend code for installation should be there. It should be a matter of simply executing a luna-send calls with the correct parameters as per:

Hi nicolas,
Thanks for your timely reply. You have indeed understood my question, and answered it. I cannot find any method of distribution other than bundle App with OS, or SSH. You want someone to ‘contribute to that part’? OK. I will wait until someone does.
‘Pushing’ stuff at the webos with SSH is OK for development, but simple reversal of roles, with an App on webos doing SFTP to obtain an App should be the goal. The ‘distribution’ system is then a simple web file server. I for one do not wish to see a proprietory ’ Webos App Store’ that sees developers and users alike being milked by LG, or anyone else.

There’s a Preware app for LuneOS that could possibly be modified for webOS OSE:

You can then simply use app feeds for installation of apps. For example the PivotCE feed:

I don’t have a RaspberryPi3 myself, so I cannot test anything currently.

I don’t know to what extend Enyo (1/2) apps would still work on webOS OSE or if only Enact apps will work. I think that would be something for someone from LG to answer.


I personally agree with your opinion. I hope that the discussion on distribution will continue.
Thanks connetable,

Although not accurate, if the app includes whole enyo libraries, it seems work on webOS OSE.
(but, i didn’t test it)

I also do not have access to a Pi here, so I haven’t done anything, but it would surprise me if Preware and the apps in Preware, didn’t work with zero to minimal changes, as long as the libraries are all packaged with it. Maybe someone soon can come up with a recipe to add Preware to the build :slight_smile:

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I just installed my old Enyo2 app, FoxCasts, and it works great. I’m sure you’d need to install the Enyo1 framework if you want to install one of those apps though.


I would suspect that most of the old webOS phone external utilities also still worked, such as WebOS Quick Install…