Ares-install not working in webOSOSE 2.7

I build webOS OSE with prebuild 2.7.0 version in RPI4.

Booting was successful, but ares-install command did not work.

It was not only host computer's problem, because I tried with new packages.

Is there any similar problem, or solving methods?

Thank you.

Hi @HyunCello, welcome to the forum.

Can you share the error message for ares-install command?


Here is the Picture that error occured.

Thank you.

Is this screenshot error messages for the ares-install command?

It seems like a build error.

Can you copy the message from the beginning (from type ares-install command)

Oh, Sorry I missuploaded.

with ares-install command, first installing message was appeared but finish message was not appeared.

I tested ares-install command, but it worked well. My test environment is as follows:

Could you give me descriptions about your test environment?