Customising webOS OSE

Hi All,

I built and booted the Rpi3 image successfully. I’m trying to do some customisation on the start page.
like changing the background image and adding 2 more links to a website.

Where can I find the corresponding files to do these?

Please see the attached image.

Thank you.


I’m not sure about that background image, but making your own website wrapper app is easy.

  1. Copy one of the example apps (like this one).
  2. Replace the URL in index.html and change the title and id in appinfo.json.
  3. Package the folder as an ipk using ares-package.
  4. Install the ipk using ares-install.


I think that background image comes from /usr/palm/applications/bareapp/img.jpg.


I think that background image comes from /usr/palm/applications/bareapp/img.jpg.
That’s correct :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys. Changed the BG and deployed the new app. will post more tests later.