Install .ipk app in WebOS

Good afternoon, glorious gentlemen! Got a question. How to make an embedded .ipk application when assembling an image for RaspberryPi3? Or is there another way?

It depends a bit what you'd like to achieve. You can directly deploy the content of the app (so without even making it a .ipk) to the right locations in the file system, similar to what we do in LuneOS (which has a lot of similarities with webOS OSE), I doubt this mechanism has changed in webOS OSE. Alternatively there are also ways to install .ipk when needed. There used to be specific folders in legacy webOS where the IPK could be placed to be installed if I remember correctly. So it depends a bit on your requirements.

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Thank you for answer. I just want have preinstalled my already builded for LG app in image for Pi3

In legacy webOS there were .ipks in /usr/palm/ipkgs however this required which is not in webOS OSE. Maybe LG has another method they could share. Copying the unpacked app right into the file system is what we do in LuneOS. I can share some examples if useful.

Hi @ShepardEG,

Might I suggest checking out this thread:

Not sure if it's exactly what your planning to do but the discussion could give you some leads.

Perhaps you misunderstood me. I will try to share my thought.

  1. I have assembled a working .ipk app for LG TV with WebOS. It is simple, html+js.
  2. I used the guide on assembling the image of WebOS Source Edition, but it is not detailed and just collects the finished image.
  3. I would just like to add my .ipk to the image, so that it is as pre-installed on the system.
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Hi @ShepardEG,
No no, I understood you before. :slight_smile:
The link I shared contained a discussion about which directory to include startup applications. I've linked it below:

Assuming your work must also involve having the file in one of those directories, I figured it might come in useful for you.

While it is pretty straightforward in its intentions I agree that the build documentation does a pretty poor job at explaining which parts do what, so developers can edit them as needed.

While I think most of the pre-installed apps (at least when it comes to the webOS TV version) are QML Native apps, pre-installing webapps should, in theory, work fine.

I'm going out on a limb here and will say having pre-installed web apps would involve finding out which directory they reside in (upon regular installation) and then maybe editing the build scripts to include your .ipk within the earlier identified directory.
In any case here's the link for the Yocto project documentation regarding image customization.

Please note that I'm not a platform developer so unless someone from LG verifies the above there's no guarantee.