Dependency not included in image


I have successfully built a webos-image from source and am now trying to modify a recipe that builds a component so that it uses qtquickcontrols2.

After adding qtuickcontrols2 to DEPENDS, qtuickcontrols2 is successfully built when bitbake:ing webos-image. I can see packages created for qtquickcontrols2 in the bitbake work directory. Extracting the packages I can also see e.g. in the appropriate *.ipk file.

Also, running e.g.:

bitbake -g webos-image && cat pn-buildlist | grep -ve "native" | sort | uniq

I can see that bitbake thinks qtquickcontrols2 is a dependency for webos-image.

I have tried adding a qtquickcontrols2_git.bbappend similar to the other *.bbappends in that sets "EXTENDPRAUTO_append". I do not really understand how EXTENDPRAUTO is used though or if it is relevant for my problem (it only seems to be written to a *.json file in I can not see what else is done for other Qt components that actually do end up in the image so I can do the same for qtquickcontrols2.

What am I missing? What more than adding qtquickcontrols2 to DEPENDS in the recipe do I need to do to get it on the image?

Hi Martin,

First of all, welcome to the webOS OSE forum.

Could you let us know which version of webOS OSE you are using? To figure that out, it can be helpful to check the release notes.

Hello Felipe,

I figured this out yesterday but forgot to post here. Turns out it had nothing to do with WebOS or WebOS's Bitbake classes etc.

Bitbake automatically adds runtime dependencies according to . meta-qt5 has not extended this to automatically add runtime dependencies if a component is used in QML code only (I do not even know if this is feasible). So for now I have just added qtquickcontrols2 to both DEPENDS and RDEPENDS. (I did not try this at first since I thought it was blocked in some other way in the WebOS build system.)


Glad you have figured that out. Thank you for sharing your findings. :slight_smile: