Developing external app - header/source files?

Following this guide:

You are directed to use functions like: wl_webos_shell_get_shell_surface


Where can I find the sources for these files so I can compile my application against?

I want to start by trying to compile wayland_egl.

Are these files included in the Native Development Kit Setup | webOS Open Source Edition? Seems an awful lot to download just for some headers and code!

Please confirm, if not where am I supposed to get them from?


you can get that file by install SDK. after building a webOS image.

and me also followed that guide,

$ cd ..
$ ares-package pkg_aarch64

however, there was pkd_arm64 instead of pkg_aarch64.

so i had install sdk again!

FOLDER : pkg-arm64
INSIDE : aarch-64


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@LuckyKnight, @ChangyongAhn,

It's a little late, but we've updated the NDK setup guide for webOS OSE 2.20.1.

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