Error while running the installed package in LG TV through WebOS IDE

I got below error log in console and Error message was "Cannot launch application on device, please check Internet connection" while running the app in LG TV. TV is connected to Internet, both Laptop and TV are on same network.

[Install] ares-install ERR! Error: Command '/bin/rm -rf /media/developer/temp && /bin/mkdir -p /media/developer/temp' exited with code=1 (signal: undefined)

When I tried executing the command in terminal /bin/mkdir -p /media/developer/temp, it says Read Only File system.

Any help to navigate through this issue is much appreciated! Thanks

Hi @SRI_DEVI , welcome to the Forum!

Unfortunately, this forum is only for webOS Open Source Edition.
For webOS TV, please visit the TV Forum.


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